Special support message

Special support message from JASCO for IPhO2023

Dear IPhO2023 International Physics Olympiad participants, Congratulations on participating as a representative of each country.

We, JASCO was founded in 1958 to commercialize the results of research and development of infrared spectrophotometers (IR) at the Optical Research Institute of Tokyo University of Education. Since then, we have consistently developed, manufactured our products on the basis of principle of an optical spectroscopy, and provided our customers with it around the world with application and service supports. We have taken on all sorts of challenges, aiming not only to satisfy our customers, but also to impress them. We all would like to commend the daily efforts and unwavering courage of everyone who is taking on the challenge of this wonderful tournament, and I will wholeheartedly support them.

Even in today’s world where we can easily access information from all over the world on the Internet, there are many experiences that can only be gained through face-to-face conversations. Please make the most of this precious opportunity and deepen exchanges between diverse cultures.

We believe that this irreplaceable experience will be a great source of inspiration for all of you as a talented person who can play an active role internationally.


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